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Hi! Here Evelyn and Matthias!

We are a young married couple from the Bieszczady Mountains in Poland, but now we live in Oslo.

Our shared passions led us to the place where we decided that we want to take up photography professionally. The place where we grew up influenced how we perceive nature and its beauty so we would like to show this in our photos. 

Evelyn graduated in Painting (Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow) and Art of Gardening (UR Cracow). She loves Pink Floyd and paintings by Gustav Klimt. In addition to photography, she creates in the field of painting, drawing, and workshop graphics. She loves to sleep until noon, although this is never given to her ;).

Matthias is a speleogist (STJ KW Cracow), he loves Pearl Jam and Joe Bonamassa. He learns how to play on harmonica, although he does it when nobody can hear ;). Interested in war photography and cooking. He is a fanatic about movies that he can watch endlessly.    

Despite working on digital equipment, our apartment often turns into an analog photographic darkroom, where we spend almost the whole night developing films and prints.

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